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Learn Chinese in 3 Days. It's really very simple!

SuperChinese is a very powerful and comprehensive Mandarin Chinese learning application, including Chinese lessons for Chinese pronunciation, simple speaking Chinese, Chinese grammar and the basic knowledge of Chinese writing system and Chinese input method etc.

System Requirement: Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP and Vista          Price: US$ 49.95 

The powerful learning functions
of Super Chinese

Why we need SuperChinese?

bullet Fast Learning
Make great progress on Chinese in 3 days. Beginning from Zero and no ABC needed. Our well-designed contents & functions emphasizing practice make the learning more effective.
bullet Easy & Happy Process
No bald and dry memorization. No hard working. Only an easy & happy learning process, then you has already mastered the basic Chinese.
bullet All in One
It's all your choice to comprehensively learn Chinese pronunciation (Pinyin), listening, speaking, reading, writing and input method, or just learn any of them.


The most powerful features?
bullet Chinese Immersion
The designing of SuperChinese bases on a method called language immersion, which simulate the real Chinese language environment and make you speak Chinese like living in China.

bullet Chinese Sound Recognition
The sound recognition selection technology makes the learning just like talking to a native Chinese speaker. In this way the learner can practice their listening and speaking in situational dialogs which approximate to real life, so that they will be confident in speaking and overcome nervousness and shyness when talking to the others.

Chinese sound recognition & immersion


The Chinese words & characters

bullet Chinese Writing Cartoon / Animation
Chinese Writing Cartoon / Chinese characters animation  is our unique technology that shows characters' writing order and helps you to learn the basics of Chinese reading and writing system.

bullet Chinese-English Dictionary
The Chinese-English dictionary has already been included. The explanation will be show by every Chinese character/word.

bullet Standard Native Speaker's Voice
Super Chinese has both the male & female native speaker's voice. Helps the learners improve their pronunciation.

bullet Multi-User System
Record the score and settings of every user on one computer.

Take it risk-free with our 60-days unconditional money-back guarantee.

System Requirement: Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP and Vista          Price: US$ 49.95 

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