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Chinese characters, letters, writing and words become Easy.

Chinese Buddy is an excellent Chinese learning tool that helps you learn easily to read and write Chinese, rapidly master any Chinese Character or Chinese word in Mandarin Chinese without the bald and dry process of memorization.

System Requirement: Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP and Vista      Price: US$ 19.95  


The small tool in Chinese Buddy

How can it help?
bullet Effectively Memorization
Chinese Buddy can ram Chinese knowledge into your head and effectively strengthens the memory by circularly broadcasting Chinese character/word, writing cartoon, pinyin, explanations and voices.
bullet Happy Learning
No bald and dry memorization. No hard working. Only seeing the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, then you have already mastered the Chinese characters and words.
bullet Unconsciously Process
Unconsciously make incredible progress. Do anything else and learn Chinese at the same time because ChineseBuddy requires no concentration. It's like hypnosis that learns Chinese subconsciously.
bullet Comprehensive Learning
Comprehensively learn Chinese characters, words, writing, calligraphy, pronunciations and meanings at the same time. Learn Chinese more organically.
The powerful features?
bullet Chinese Writing Cartoon / Chinese Characters Animation
Chinese writing cartoon / Chinese characters animation is our unique technology that shows characters' writing order and helps you to memorize Chinese characters, Chinese words and Chinese calligraphy.
bullet Standard Native Speaker's Voice
Chinese Buddy plays Mandarin Chinese vocabulary in a female native speaker's voice. This greatly helps the learners improve their pronunciation.
bullet Chinese-English Dictionary
The Chinese-English dictionary has already been included. The explanation will be show under every Chinese character/word.

The Chinese writing Cartoon


Chinese Buddy in full screen mode

bullet Full Screen / Screen Saver / Small Tool
ChineseBuddy can run in different mode (Full screen or Screensaver or Small tool). It can be use as either a teaching tool in the classroom, or a personal tool in your computer.
bullet Built in Vocabulary
All levels of HSK (The Chinese Proficiency Test) vocabularies have already been included.
bullet Words Import
Import any Chinese vocabulary from a text file, and learn Chinese characters and words at your choice.

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System Requirement: Windows 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP and Vista      Price: US$ 19.95  

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