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Over 50% of our designers are Chinese-English bilinguals. Some of them has over 15 years experience on learning the language. We know clearly - what the best way is to learn Chinese - how to be the most effective learner.

bullet We understand who study Chinese
Some of our designers has been teaching Chinese for over 10 years. We know what you need. Our well-designed & practical interactive functions make Chinese  learning faster & more effective.

bullet We are all perfectionist
Our perfectionist standards on customer make us only release top level product.

Please try our top products to learn Chinese, faster and easier, save time and money.

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"I'm really happy with my purchase of Super Chinese. It works great, has an easy to use interface, and offers greater functionality than I expected from just reading about it on the site. "

-Steven Sims, Dec 08

"I just purchased Super Chinese and can't be happier. The Chinese-writing-cartoon is worth the price alone. Thanks for a great product that simply does what it says!"

-Matt Saragusa, Feb 02


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Chinese Buddy word

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What Our Customers Say

"Chinese Buddy is a very nice application. I hope that sales have been good."

-Herb Lingl, May 07

"It's all I need. a very good experience overall! many thanks"

-Kyle Heywood, Mar 09

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